How To Change Chrome New Tab Page Like Windows 8 Metro UI Theme

Google Chrome is widely used Web – Browser and main reason of this popularity is its speed. Nowadays almost 60% Internet users are using Google Chrome, so here in this post I am going to show you one amazing trick through which you can see combined look of Windows 8 UI theme inside Google Chrome New Tab page. Windows 8 is also got same popularity like Google Chrome , and both are nowadays favorite of mostly Internet users.

Here we are going to show you one awesome extension of Google Chrome through which you can totally change look of Google Chrome New Tab Page into superb looking Windows 8 UI theme. You can configure each and every tile in Modern UI tab page of chrome in tile configuration and even you can edit site name, site URL, RSS feed URL, tile color, font color, and more interesting part is that you can change image of any tab as per your choice.

↓↓ Download Metro UI New Tab Page Chrome Extension From Below Given Download Link ↓↓

Install it from above given link and then configure it as per your choice. You can navigate through tiles by pressing right and left arrow of your keyboard. Even you can change tile rows, columns, animation from advance settings. 

So finally its a nice way of designing your Chrome’s New tab page into stylish looking Windows 8 Metro UI Page. Hope you loved this tutorial of designing your new tab page like windows 8 metro UI page. Comment below if you are facing any type of queries.

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PTC Website Which Really Pays [ Proof Attached ]

Hello Readers, As you all know this blog is famous for its genuine posts & tricks and one of the most popular post of this blog is Top 15 Free Mobile Recharge & Online Earning Websites and reason behind its popularity is its genuine-ness. if you still thinking its a fake story that I am creating then just look at the right hand side in popular posts, you will find this post hanging on top and this post is maintaining its first position from last 1 year. Most of my blog visitors are earning monthly around 2000-3000 INR just by spending little time in internet by following all links of that post. Previously, me too thought that all  online earning websites are fake and its a time waste to spend our valuable time but after testing all websites, I got shocked when I received payments from them. So here in this tutorial, I am going to suggest you all a PTC website which really pays. Below I posted proof also that suggests its genuine-ness and monthly I am earning 20-30 $ from same website.

There are lot of Paid To Click websites are available over Internet but most of them are fake and they are just fooling others but here I am going to show you one most popular and quiet old PTC website which really pays and earning is too easy. Follow below given link and join it and earn online by just spending few  minutes.

Note : Payment mode is PAYPAL and minimum amount you can withdraw for payment is $8.

You can earn by clicking on advertisement and referring others. Join it by clicking above given link and click on VIEW ADS and start multiplying your earnings.

↓↓ Payment Modes ↓↓

↓↓ Proofs ↓↓

↑↑ Pic : 01 – Transaction proof ↑↑

↑↑ Pic : 02 – Email confirmation of payment. ↑↑

↑↑ Pic : 03 – Final payment proof in Paypal. ↑↑

Thus I must say join this genuine PTC website and start earning online. Comment below for any type of queries, will love to help you.

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How To Draw Anywhere On Windows Screen [ Fun Trick ]

This post is all about FUN as well as very useful to use for some urgent notes. Suppose you are doing some task and suddenly you have to write some important notes like contact number or someone’s name so at that point of time, only way of writing those notes are in notepad or in sticky notes. But here I am going to show you one awesome tiny application for windows which allows you to write anything anywhere in desktop, even you can write anything in running videos or games also. This tool supports freehand text that means you can write any text in your own handwriting. 

Epic Pen is a free windows based tiny software which allows us to write text anywhere in windows screen . This application is very small and easy to use so that you can open it quickly at any point of time. You can download this cute application by following below given download link.

After Downloading this software, launch it then you can see a new window along with some pen, pencil , rubber and color boxes. Select anything as per your choice and enjoy writing anything anywhere.

After launching it, you can float its icon anywhere in desktop and after that you can select anything whatever you wanna do. Major part of this small application is that you can write your text in videos also.

You will surely love this software after using it. Me using it for fun and for some urgent notes also so use it and enjoy it. 

Hope you love this funny way of writing. Do comment for any types of queries, Thanks for visiting Us !!

How To Download APK Files In Computer [ Easiest Way ]

Android is one of the widely used open platform Operating System for mobiles and one of the main reason of this popularity is its unlimited and unbelievable packages of applications which we can easily download it from Google Play Market. Lot of paid and free applications are available in Google Play Market but unfortunately Google doesn’t allows to download android application in computer so we must have to download all applications in mobile itself. So here I am back with another Android trick which allows you to download unlimited Android i.e .APK files in Computer and after downloading, you can easily install it in your mobile. By using this process, we don’t have to use Internet connection in mobile , you can easily use internet connection of your computer to download android applications and after that just copy paste it in mobile and enjoy awesome applications of Android.

APK Downloader , created by Evozi is an online tool which allows us to download any android application in computer by just pasting Google Play URL of your selected application in Evozi website.

 Steps To Follow : 
  • Visit Evozi online tool by clicking Here .
  • Search your application in Google Play Store and copy the URL of that selected application.
  • Now move on to Evozi website and paste Google play URL of your selected application there.
  • Finally click on ” Generate Download Link ” after pasting Google Play URL.
  • DONE !! Wait for few seconds and enjoy downloading .APK files in computer.
By using this trick, you can easily save your Internet data of mobile . So from today onwards, you can download unlimited Android applications in computer without using any third party application or software. 

Hope you loved this tricky way of downloading Android apps in PC. If still you are facing any issue then don’t forget to comment below. We love to help our Visitors, Thanks for visiting CS Tricks.

Facebook Multiposter Website Exclusively By CS Tricks

After Successful Javascript of Multiposting in all groups, here I am back with my own created Multiposter website which will help you to post in all groups of Facebook in a single click.

Nowadays most of the facebook multiposter are blocked by Facebook but this website is working superbly with high speed without any hacking or spamming chances. Website is personally coded by me so you can use it freely.

Now let’s discuss about what is difference between Multiposter Javascript & Multiposter Website. In Javascript, you don’t have to allow any application, you just have to bookmark that script and after that you can easily use it. But in Multiposter website like this, you have to allow one facebook application and after that you will be able to post in all groups. 

So Follow below link for Exclusive CS Tricks Multiposter Website and Enjoy !!

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How To Hide Specific Drives In My Computer [ No Software Required ]

Hello Readers, Welcome Back To CS Tricks, The University Of Tricks. In my previous post , I guided about How To Hide Drives In My Computer but here I am going to show you new trick which allows you to hide specific drives in My computer, that means if you have some important files in Drive ” D ” then you can easily hide that particular ” D ” Drive. 

We all have our own privacy and everyone got some personal data which they don’t want to share with others, so this is the best way to hide your files without using any third party application or softwares because anyone can remove that software and easily can access those files.

Steps To Follow To Hide Specific Drives In My Computer :

  • Right Click On My Computer then select Manage Option.
  • After selecting Manage, you will be redirecting to Computer Management page, here just click on ” Disk Management “.
  • Now in Right hand side, you can see your all drives listed.
  • Right Click on any drive which you want to hide and select ” Change Drive Letter and Paths “.
  • Now you can see a new popup window, just click on Remove then OK.
Bravo !! You Did It !! Now open My Computer and see your selected drive is hidden now.

How To Get It Back :

If you want to see your hidden drives then again follow same above steps then in last step click on ADD on the place of Remove.

Done !! Hope you successfully learnt new and latest way of hiding any drives without using any third party softwares. Feel free to comment below for more queries.

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How To See All Status History Of Your Facebook Account

Here is the latest post for Facebook Addicted User :D . Nowadays maximum users are using Facebook and most of them are daily spending lots of time and posting status, photos and liking & commenting on friends walls, but did you ever tried to find out your all history of Facebook status from the beginning of joining date till now which you have posted, liked or commented. I am sure most of you thought but didn’t got any solution to see all history so here I am going to guide you about latest trick of Facebook through third party website which will show you your all Status History.

Follow Steps To View Facebook Status History :

  • As we already mentioned above that we are going to use third party website for this trick, so Click Here to visit.
  • After opening above given website, click on ” Read your profile history now ” option.
  • In next tab, you have to allow application to scan your status history so click on OK to allow.

  • Now wait for few seconds, let it connect.

Finally you are successfully Connected :) Now you can see your history as per your choice like Post & Status, photos, Post by others and even you can select older post first or newer post first that means you can view your first status of Facebook by selecting older post first just in a click.

Features :

  • You can check your own Post & Statuses.
  • You can check history of Post by others.
  • You can see all photos.
  • You can see all videos.
  • You can also find Places which you checked in.
  • You can check all history of Pages, Notes & Events also.
Done !! Now you can see all your Facebook status history from beginning till now in one page . Let’s smile for this awesome way to find status history :)

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How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Accounts In One Device

Android is one of the widely used open source Operating System and main part of this popularity is just because of millions of applications through which we can do each and every task. One of the famous application of Android platform is WhatsApp and it is one of the famous application for messaging service. You can chat with your loved ones free of cost with this awesome application but what if you have 2 numbers and a single Android supported mobile phone ? . Officially you can’t use multiple numbers in one Whatsapp account but here we are going to guide you about newly launched android application which allows you to use multiple accounts in one device.

OGWhatsapp is superb Android application which allows us to use multiple Whatsapp accounts in one android device. You can download it from below given link.

Note : This Application is not licensed by Google so you can’t find it in Google Play store.

This app is a modified version of whatsapp which help you to use multiple whatsapp accounts in one device. You don’t have to root your device for using this app.

Steps To Use :

  • At first, download OGWhatsapp from above given download link.
  • Now before installing it in your device, take a backup of your all messages.
  • Now reinstall official Whatsapp Messenger ( Just install it, no need to setup your number now ).
  • Finally goto SD Card — Select Whatsapp — Rename it as OGWhatsApp. 
  • Now open OGWhatsapp which you have installed in second step and verify your old number.
  • Lastly open official Whatsapp and verify your new number.
  • Its Done Now !! You have successfully added 2 Whatsapp accounts in one device.
Hope you learn new trick of Android after following this tutorial. Feel free to comment below for more queries, We love to help you. Thanks for visiting CS Tricks, The University Of Tricks.

Watch 2 Minute Video & Earn Rs.10 Recharge In Unlimited Numbers [ Offer Expired ]

Here is another killer trick to avail free recharge of Rs.10 in unlimited numbers. We all love free stuffs and this blog is famous for its free recharge and online earning tricks so again We are back with newly added trick which allows to get free recharge of Rs.10 just by watching one small video. You don’t have to follow long procedure or completing surveys for this free recharge offer, you can enjoy free recharge just by log in into your account and watching video.

mCent is offering free recharge of Rs.10 for its members just for watching one small video of Unilever sunlight project on their website.

Note : Use this trick only in Google Chrome browser.

Steps To Follow :

  • If you still not joined mCent then join it by clicking Here  and register in it.
  • After successfull registration, login then you will be redirected to offer page.
  • Now select Unilever Project Sunlight and click on Earn Rs.10.
  • Now your task is to watch video and after watching, you just have to fill one small survey.
  • After completing survey, you will be redirected to new page where you have to click on ” Claim your Airtime “.
  • Finally wait for few seconds and wait for SUCCESS message.
Done !! Enjoy Your Free Recharge :D

Note : If you want to get this offer in more numbers then clear your browser’s history and cookies then try same steps again.

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How To Bypass Fileice Surveys [ Latest Working Trick ]

Fileice is one of the widely used website which allow its users to upload files and everytime when visitors download those uploaded files, they have to complete one survey to unlock file. It pays $1 average for per download and that is the main reason most of the website owners are using it so that if any visitor is downloading file from their site via fileice download link then he will get paid. Thus we  can say its a nice way for bloggers to earn some money with the help of fileice .

Now let’s come to the main core part of this post. Here we are going to guide you about killer trick to bypass fileice surveys in some easy steps & main part is that we don’t have to use any third party softwares . 

Completing online surveys for downloading any file is one of the main headache and it feels irritated to complete survey because it always asks for our personal details like Name, Address & Contact number which is not good in terms of our security. So here is the solution for this irritation.

Thanks to one of our regular website visitor Abhisek for sharing this trick.

Steps to Follow :

  • Open Fileice link in your browser.
  • Click on Regular Download.
  • Now in next window, select survey named – ” Welcome callers on your mobile with your favorite songs ! “.

Note : You must have to use Indian proxy to see these survey list, so if you are from India then no need to use any proxies.

  • After clicking on above survey link, you will be redirected to new page with long URL.
  • When you redirects to – ” ” , immediate stop loading by pressing cross sign [ X ] of your browser.
  • Now replace whole link with below given link and press Enter.

  • Now in next window, click on click Here.
  • After clicking on click Here, you will be redirected to a new page , again click on Click Here to view this page.
  • Finally you can see new window along with Thank You message. Just wait for 2-3 seconds and let your download start automatically.
Note : If you are using IDM for downloading any file then disable it before downloading from fileice else you will get error.

  • Voila !! It’s Done Now !! You have successfully bypassed fileice survey without using any softwares.

Hope you loved this new killer trick of bypassing fileice survey. Comment below for any type of queries.

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